Ziggy471 Kernels INC/Bravo/EVO (Updated 14 Nov)


Added LZMA compression for the kernel image, makes it uber small. This should help with the few non-booters still left. Also, since it’s so small, EVERYTHING is built in, except wifi and on the EVO, wimax.
Moved the default boot speed back down to 998MHz, didn’t realize that some couldn’t run 1.113GHz, sorry about that.
Removed ALL debugging support in the kernel, this will speed it up and also makes it smaller.

Everything else is still the same, ck2, BFS357, BFQ, SLUB, CIFS, EXT4, gpu+, sd card speed up, etc…

Until I figure some things out with the AOSP kernels, I will not be releasing anymore, sorry.

Finally, for those that asked about the tweeks script I posted, it’s set for 1.113GHz max, if you want something different, edit the script and reboot. It’s the same script I had included in previous kernels, but had taken out for reasons.

[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Bravo 14 Nov (922 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 EVO 14 Nov (1388 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 INC 14 Nov (905 downloads)

d7848b72e0866f20ed0ed0c1a7d130c9 Ziggy471Kernel-BRAVO-update_signed-11142010-0855.zip
ad584c7c152896a9548209d61a5c2684 Ziggy471Kernel-EVO-update_signed-11142010-0856.zip
6026e42adbfba2ce6616e32d624aa448 Ziggy471Kernel-INC-update_signed-11142010-0856.zip


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  2. Ping from AndrewGL:

    I installed this new kernel, and then flashed the tweak afterwards then rebooted. Was I supposed to reboot after the kernel install, and then flash the tweak?

  3. Ping from Blaine:

    WiFi and Wimax isn’t isn’t included on EVO? By saying wifi isn’t included what effect will that have on a DINC? I would have to flash something else in order for wifi to work?

  4. Ping from Wynnded:

    Thanks for reworking this to not install OC’d to 1113 MHz so that I can turn it up only to what my device will run, in this case 1075 MHz.

  5. Ping from thisguy!:

    Are these sense or AOSP kernels?

  6. Ping from RebelShadow:

    Would you consider making a Sense Stock/undervolt battery saving kernel based off the new Nov. DINC kernel?

  7. Ping from slayher:

    Ziggy, I have recently swapped to a Dinc for my main phone. I have been running a Droid1, and made several kernels for that. I would like to speak to you some time, maybe in Gtalk, or IRC about the DINC kernels. Let me know How I can get in touch with you.

    Thanks! BTW I run your Oct26 Kernel.. That thing is FAST!

  8. Ping from RebelShadow:

    I not as concerned about overclock as I am about undervolting. I prefer to have battery life more than speed. Stock is plenty fast for me.

  9. Ping from sanjay:

    This latest kernel for the evo is causing bootloops when I update estrongs file explorer. I’m using Myn’s ROM. It installs the latest version of estrongs from the market and immediately reboots my device.

  10. Ping from Nick:

    Ziggy, I am helping a fellow XDA member troubleshoot an issue with Wifi-Tether. Have you heard of any issues regarding your Kernels and Wifi-Tether? Eliminate the variables one by one. He has an Incredible with HeyItsLou’s Redemptive Revolution 2.1.3 (EVO/Inc Hybrid) ROM running on your latest Inc Kernel. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

  11. Ping from Jerry:

    Nick: what wifi tether problems are you talking about? please inform me. i might be able to give light on this subject. also why no asop kernals ziggy?

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