Ziggy471 Kernels INC/Bravo/EVO (Updated 13 Nov)


Overclocking to 1.19GHz

Audio Gain patch, thanks to toastcfh and netarchy
3/5 point multi-touch, thanks to toastcfh and netarchy

[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Bravo 13 Nov (440 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 EVO 13 Nov (826 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 INC 13 Nov (735 downloads)

Since some have asked, I put together an update zip with the screen state scaling init script and I also included a sysctl.conf by Mr. X and an init script to start it.
[TWEAKS] Ziggy's tweaks (1060 downloads)

Edit: The screen state scaling scales the processor to between 245MHz and 384MHz when the screen is turned off, this is to save on battery power when you’re not using the phone. It sets the governor to ONDEMAND when the screen is off, and INTERACTIVE when the screen is on. I find this responds faster when turning the screen on. As for the sysctl.conf, I’ll have to have X explain all the tweaks in there.


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  2. Ping from Grant:

    Thanks for the great work! I”ve got an Incredible, and I was wondering what exactly the tweaks do and whether it would be beneficial to install them.

  3. Ping from AndrewGL:

    Will you release an update to your AOSP kernels soon for the inc?

  4. Ping from Chris:

    Thanks for the great kernels Ziggy! Loving it on my DInc!

  5. Ping from Blaine:

    When flashing the above tweaks zip, does it set it up to auto start the script on boot? Sorry for the newb question, but if someone could clarify how that works a little bit it would be greatly appreciated. I have been running stock kernal now, and really wanting to play with some others. Used the KK#5 as long as I could, but finally gave up as battery life is horrendous.


  6. Ping from Nugzo:

    Does the new EVO Kernel have HAVS? Thanks

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