Ziggy471’s Backup Test App v0.3.2

Just fixed the Start Menu link, oops.

Here’s another bugfix, I found that path strings were not escaped properly during my last flash, so I fixed that.  Also defaulted to RegEdt v5 for the export, no selection anymore.  Finally, I split the reg exports into 2 files, that way you can import the personal.reg AFTER you have installed programs that may over-write them.

Download Removed, new version posted.



  1. Ping from Mike:

    One small problem I’ve run into.

    After install the shortcut link in the system folder leads to WindowsZBR.exe.

    The program installs to its own folder in the root directory.

    Nice app you’ve written here, I’ll be looking forward to later releases.

  2. Ping from Ziggy471:

    I fixed it the other day, just re-uploaded over the original. That’s what I get for trying to do a fix at 5am.


  3. Ping from averagejoe69:

    I keep getting an error during processing. It completes the following:
    1. Email Accounts
    2. Sync Settings
    3. Wi-Fi Settings
    4. Connection Planner Settings
    5. VPN Settings
    But It stops at Owner Settings:

    Parameter name: chars”

    Do you have any idea what this means?

  4. Ping from searcher61:

    Getting same as above.. says it needs Netcfv v35. I thought mighty already had that installed. btw, running war 2/26/10

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