Ziggy471’s Backup Test App v0.3.1

This is just a bug fix to v0.3.  I’ve started the Restore part, but have not included it in this version, since it’s not complete yet.

NOTE: Please double check the reg file, I had to write my own routines to do the export, since .Net Compact Framework does not have registry export capabilities.   I also didn’t want to have to use an external app like XDA_UC and Sahimi do.

This is a re-write of version 0.2.  This version exports separate XML files for the following:

  • Email account settings (email.xml)
  • Exchange account settings (sync.xml)
  • Communication Planner settings (i.e. Connection timeouts, HKLMCommConnMgrPlannerSettings) (conplanner.xml)
  • VPN Settings (vpn.xml)
  • Wi-Fi Settings (wifi.xml)

It also exports the following registry entries to owner.reg:

  • Basic Owner information to include:
    • The ‘Me’ Contact card
    • Facebook account information
    • Default Ringtone
    • Bluetooth Pairings
    • Manila Tabs with order
    • Home tab quick links

This version also adds a configuration file, ZBRConfig.xml, located in the “Windows” directory.  All export files are saved to the “Temp” directory.  Again, this is a work in progress.

If there are any reg settings or files that you can think of to add, please visit the forum and chime in.

Download Removed, newer version Posted.


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