Beta Kernel 18 Mar 11

I decided to update the kernels to the latest mainline kernel version. So far it’s running good on mine and others, not really that big of a change, but I didn’t want to fall behind again. I planned on posting this earlier, but since I’m in Colorado right now, it’s still before midnight. lol

Updated to




Beta Kernel BRAVO BFS 18 Mar 11 (531 downloads)
Beta Kernel BRAVO BFS HAVS 18 Mar 11 (507 downloads)
Beta Kernel BRAVO CFS 18 Mar 11 (485 downloads)
Beta Kernel BRAVO CFS HAVS 18 Mar 11 (479 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO BFS 18 Mar 11 (662 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO BFS HAVS 18 Mar 11 (764 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO CFS 18 Mar 11 (669 downloads)
Beta Kernel EVO CFS HAVS 18 Mar 11 (955 downloads)
 Beta Kernel INC BFS 18 Mar 11 (648 downloads)
Beta Kernel INC BFS HAVS 18 Mar 11 (929 downloads)
Beta Kernel INC CFS 18 Mar 11 (571 downloads)
Beta Kernel INC CFS HAVS 18 Mar 11 (646 downloads)


  1. Ping from Tim85:

    Hey Ziggy, just wondering if you made a CFS HAVS for the Evo? Just wondering since there’s not a link posted up.

  2. Ping from Hoovie:

    Tim85, I think the link is just missing, navigate to, and it does download a CFS HAVS for the Evo for the release today.

  3. Ping from Matt:

    Just installed the EVO BFS one and went and ran setcpu, program crashed then my phone just started an endless reset loop =

    • Ping from Matt:

      it seems to be setcpu doing it when you set the max all the way up., it won’t keep restarting a long as you don’t have the “Set at boot” option checked. I set it to slightly lower than max and it seems to be working OK now.

      • Ping from Ziggy471:

        That’s what I was going to suggest anyway, glad you figured it out on your own. Not every processor runs well at that max speed, some do, you just have to find your sweet spot on your phone. Other things I’ve noticed on mine that effect it are the ROM I’m running.

  4. Ping from Will:


    Thank you so much for the Kernel! It works great and is a fix for the wifi issues with MIUI 1.3.5

    Will Donate soon!

  5. Ping from jason:

    Hey! thanks for the awesome kernel! and I’m glad you’re back! Been running and loving your kernels on my Dinc. I have a question though. Are you planning on updating/making the newest GB kernels of 2.6.37.xx ? I hate to stay away from your kernels but my fav ROM (MIUI) just got updated to the GB and I can’t access my SD card and emmc.. =( everything else seems to work fine with the latest 03.18. version though.

  6. Ping from exSD:

    Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy, can’t you see… sometimes your kernels hypnotize me.

    Great kernel. Running -150mv on Calk’s latest, CFS Evo HAVS.

  7. Ping from billfnbragg:

    Will hdmi mirroring work with this kernel?

  8. Ping from rosser:

    are these kernels just for sense, or will they work on CyanogenMod 6

  9. Ping from Amaar:

    Wow this kernel is just awesome! Ziggy can you please implement HDMwIn for the EVO, please.

    I’ve donated in the past,

  10. Ping from Ernest:

    The EVO CFS HAVS 31811 seems to have great battery life but I’m having random reboots and Pandora and Slacker radio issues.

  11. Ping from likwitcruz00:

    Hi Ziggy, your kernels are top notch. I had a question about the Inc bfs havs. I downloaded the file and flashed it, but when I go to settings to see what kernel is being used it just says its just a bfs. Will the kernel still be bfs havs, even though it doesn’t say havs?

  12. Ping from miguel:

    are thse kernels for sense too??

  13. Ping from miguel:

    I flashed this kernel and i cant turn on the 4g radio. It goes “turning on”, then straight to “turning off”…. i checked and i do have my rsa keys!! What did i do wrong?

  14. Ping from billfnbragg:

    We need new release a bit more stable i get a reboot when trying to do a few thimgs at the same time.

  15. Ping from cabjmb:

    Do your inc kernels work on SLCD models? Everytime I tried the 31811 and 31211, I lost touchscreen sensitivity and ended up having to install a different kernel.

  16. Ping from ssgferrell:


    I was informed by a guy I know to install a kernel on my evo for my battery. So, I installed your Beta Kernel EVO CFS 18 Mar 11 (185) after wiping last night. I let it charge fully without using it. I took it off the charger and made a phne call and the battery dropped like normal. How long does it take to see positive results with the battery?


  17. Ping from IncredibleDude:

    Are you ever going to do any AOSP kernels???

    -big fan =P

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