BETA Kernel 4 Dec 10

EDIT: Figured out why smartass wasn’t included, someone screwed up a Makefile, he’ll remain nameless, but it’s fixed now. lol

Since these are BETA, I’m not sure if everything works, so please report back what doesn’t work.  Also, since they’re beta, the source isn’t going to be released just yet, still WAY too much work left to do, so please don’t update these on XDA yet.

Based off the Incredible MR3 source code release.

Combined source tree, no longer maintaining 3 separate trees.
Some updates from the glacier source release, more to come
Interactive (default)
OC to 1.19
sqn-‘s CPU Vdd levels sysfs interface (Modified slightly for the combined tree)
BETA KERNEL Bravo 4 Dec (300 downloads)
BETA KERNEL Evo 4 Dec (435 downloads)
BETA KERNEL Inc 4 Dec (351 downloads)


  1. Ping from jdkoreclipse:

    does this have the code forked from the glacier?

  2. Ping from Brendan:

    I don’t know if Smartass was suppose to be in there but it isn’t an option on the EVO kernel, besides that I’m testing it out and I’ll report back if anything is broken.

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  4. Ping from PhilE:

    On the Incredible, the smartass governor is missing. Everything else seems to be working. GPU+ is definitely working, USB Tether works, haven’t had a chance to try wifi tether. Been using regular Wifi constantly with no issues.

    This is also the first kernel I’ve tried (and I’ve tried them all) that lets me OC to 1.19 and be completely stable. I had it in performance mode for a long time, ran quadrant a couple times and no freezes or reboots. So far no problems

    Not that I put a lot of stock into quadrant scores, but they’re fun…

    Using Myn’s 2.2 RLS4. I got in the 1400’s (low to high) in quadrant at 998mhz. in the 1500’s at 1.113 and high 1500’s at 1.152.

    Here’s @ 1.19 (everything seems to increase a tiny bit with clock speed, but the CPU score really jumps up and bumps the total up a good amount, everything else is nearly the same at lower speeds, just FYI)

    New linpack is 35-39 depending on clock speed.

    Haven’n had any problems with it so far. Everything seems real smooth. I’ll keep using it, and report any problems I come across

    Thanks for all your hard work on these, really appreciate it!

  5. Ping from melethron:

    Will try it later. One of the best kernels I tried on the desire. Do you intend to release a batfix version with snq’s/cm batfix?

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