Ziggy471 Evo Kernels FPS Fixed (Updated 5 Nov)

Alright, applied the netarchy FPS paches. Sorry about that, not having an Evo to test on, I forgot.

[KERNEL] Ziggy471 EVO 5 Nov (1982 downloads)
[KERNEL] Ziggy471 EVO AOSP 5 Nov (793 downloads)

429218944f2fa4ae73a30b11419037bd Ziggy471Kernel-EVO-AOSP-update_signed-11052010-1607.zip
cfcd63f5b9c31b9624c2697803dd8a06 Ziggy471Kernel-EVO-update_signed-11052010-1609.zip


  1. Ping from zaaye:

    man! great work!!

  2. Ping from marxwasright:

    I am lacking in my total acronym retainment, what is the difference between the standard and AOSP version?

  3. Ping from Brendan:

    Standard, if I’m not mistaken, is if you are using a rom with sense. AOSP is basically a google stock rom i.e. cyanogenmod (cm6-cm6.1)

  4. Ping from zaaye:

    Can not over clock

  5. Ping from Best kernel with Warm RLS3? - Android Forums:

    […] Originally Posted by autorail1 Where is Ziggys Kernel. I checked the Wiki. Ziggy471 Evo Kernels FPS Fixed (Updated 5 Nov) […]

  6. Ping from Mike:

    Same here….Can’t OC. What happened?

  7. Ping from Jerry Lange:

    i am having graphics issues, so i am not using this kernal till that is fixed.

  8. Ping from Ceger:

    Multitouch has been reduced to 2 points from 5. FPS is a bit more erratic with slightly larger STD.

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