[BETA]Ziggy471 EVO Kernel (Updated 28 Oct)

Hopefully this one fixes the issues I’ve been having with this kernel.

Change log:

Reduced the actual kernel size, due to the limited space on the Evo, 2.5MB as opposed to 3MB on INC and Bravo.

Moved all Graphics drivers to modules
Moved EXT4 to a module

Removed the hosts file and init script for now, just trying to get this damn thing working.

Camera is working, not sure what I did to break it or fix it.  lol

1966551fde76ac1f76572f01596c552d  Ziggy471Kernel-EVO-update_signed-10282010-1054.zip

[KERNEL] Ziggy471 EVO 28 Oct (1083 downloads)

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  1. Ping from Brendan:

    I have adb back with this kernel which is nice! In comparison to the last two kernels, this one doesn’t seem as smooth but my battery life seems a tad better. So far I’m liking it overall above the other two.

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