Ziggy471’s Backup Test App v0.3.7.1

Since some people seem to not notice that I’ve yet to implement the Restore feature, I added text to the Restore tab that states that.  I added the Restore tab, because I figured I was done with the backup portion and could start on the Restore, but due to the problems, extra long work hours, and having a wife/life, I never did implement it when planned originally.

Information as to what features will be added when can be seen here:
Ziggy’s Backup and Restore Application Version Information

Download Removed, new version posted



  1. Ping from Backuper:

    OK, but is there a way to use those back up files to manually restore the data somehow?

  2. Ping from Ziggy471:

    Anything that uses Dot Fred’s taskmanager for the import should work just fine. For example, XDA_UC uses it, Sashimi does to, if you configure it to. Or you can just manually import them from inside the FDC Taskmanager yourself.


  3. Ping from Mike:

    Thanks Man!

  4. Ping from Nobody:

    No updates for almost 2-months now. I guess Ziggy abandoned his app.

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