Ziggy471’s Manila File Backup

Again, just another step towards a Backup and Restore application.  Since I needed to verify that I could determine if a file was cooked into the ROM or added/replaced later, I figured I’d make a little test application for that.

This quick little app gives you the ability to backup Windows*manila files.  You have three choices as to which ones to backup, ‘In ROM’, ‘Not in ROM’, or ‘All’.  Once you hit the ‘Go’ button, and selecting where to save the zip file, just sit back and wait, a full backup takes about 1-2 minutes, zipping that much is slow.

Ziggy471's Manila File Backup (458 downloads)


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  1. Ping from Yvette:

    Hey, to restore the manila files, do you just unzip and copy to the root Windows directory?

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