Where has Ziggy been??

First off, let me apologize for not letting everyone know why I disappeared for so long.

After the last set of kernel releases, I started to realize how much time I was spending on them while ignoring everything else in my life. I was averaging over 40 hours a week on the kernels, and that was on top of my normal job. I was somewhat ignoring my family and placing the kernels above them, which is never a good thing. I also realized that I hadn’t been working on my other projects, i.e. our house, and my project car. My work has also recently almost doubled, and I’ve been having to put in extra hours to get everything done on schedule. Finally, I had planned on finishing my degree prior to retirement, which I still haven’t started due to work.

If you ask those I’m closest to online, Mr. X, CarlaDarla, Flyers, and Eschelon, they’ll be able to tell you how little I’ve been online. Hell, I still haven’t responded to a really long email from Carla from 2 or so weeks ago, haven’t had the time to sit down and write the response. Mr. X, whom I used to chat to every day, almost all day long, I finally chatted with last night after about 3 weeks. It’s really bad when you finally start Emesene, and your offline messages are from those checking to see if your still alive. 😉

I do still intended on putting out kernels every now and then, just not at the pace I had previously. I’ve actually been enjoying not even turning on my computer after work recently. I’ve also been enjoying spending time with the wife and our puppies.

With all that said, I did just pass out some kernels for private testing last night, which, if everything goes good with those, I’ll be releasing them this weekend for public beta. I realize that there may still be some issues, i.e. random reboots that some have experienced. However, if there are few problems, then I’ll clean my local git tree and upload it to github and do an official release.

Thank you all for being such a good group to build kernels for, you’re awesome.



  1. Ping from Wynnded:

    Good to know you’re still kicking. Sounds like you’re doing things in the proper order. 🙂

  2. Ping from fr0st:

    I’m just glad your still alive ;). Family comes first. This should only be a hobby. Can’t wait to try out latest kernel.

  3. Ping from andy:

    Ziggy, You’re awesome.

    Andy from Taiwan

  4. Ping from gspitman:

    Hey Zig! Missed ya around palringo, Glad to hear you’re just getting the priorities in order and nothing bad has happened!!

  5. Ping from MadDogMaddux:

    Glad to hear you’re catching some rest. This whole Dev thing can definitely lead to burnout, and we’d hate to lose you!

  6. Ping from PrfectOne:

    Hope you stick around and keep up the amazing work. Heard that Netarchy isn’t developing for the EVO anymore so you are our last great hope.

  7. Ping from Kevin:

    Family and other stuff is good. Have enjoyed your kernels, thanks for all the hard work.

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