[KERNEL] Ziggy471 Droid Incredible BFS-OC-UC-Inter

Ziggy471’s Kernel for Droid Incredible (BFS-OC-UC-Inter)

After trying a few of the kernels out there, I figured I’d dust off my kernel building skills.  Being that most of my computer experience is in ‘Nix and I’ve been running Linux since the pre 1.0 kernel days, and have compiled and tweak more kernels then I really care to remember, I figured WTH.  So here is my first of hopefully many kernels that I’ll be posting here and on PPCG, I have others testing on different devices right now.

I decided to release my kernels here and on PPCG only, due to the need for Android development over there, please don’t take that the wrong way, I still hang out on XDA too.  lol

– HTC Verizon MR Incredible Kernel base
– Using Koush’s AnyKernel update.zip
– Hybrid Adaptive Voltage Scaling (HAVS)
– Overclocked – Up to 1.152Ghz
– Undervolted
– CPU Scaling Interactive supported (Default)
– CPU Scaling Ondemand supported
– CPU Scaling Userspace supported
– CPU Scaling Performance supported
– CPU Scaling Powersave supported
– CPU Scaling Conservative supported
– EXT4 as a module
– CIFS as a module
– BFS scheduler
– A whole lot more that I can’t remember.

Quadrant Results

Yes, that really does say 1621, lowest I’ve seen is around 1525, and average is 1590.

Now for the important part, [KERNEL] Ziggy471 Droid Incredible BFS-HAVS-OC-UC-Inter (548 downloads)


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